Because everyone should be able to benefit from the best experience, we designed smart and tailor-made solutions that offers 3D sound in real-time on all standard stereo equipment. 

By combining the best of psycho-acoustics, signal processing and audio driver development, we
transcribe the spatial auditory perception of the human ear by providing the most accurate 3D
audio engine possible as a pure software solution.

We will focus our know-how to design solutions with simple and intuitive interface, available to the general public.

 Real-time processing of sound sources facilitates the localization of sounds and provides the
comfort of immersive listening for video games and multimedia experiences.
Our software essentially integrates Virtual Surround technology with audio and microphone
effects that can be customized by users.

Our products are already used by leading gaming computer and devices manufacturers.

All our effects are applied to the various internal and external devices from the computer.
Beyond a totally immersive 360 ° audio experience, we incorporated special features designed for
gamers and streamers such as the Sound Tracker and the HD Audio Recorder.

Discover Nahimic, the intelligent and intuitive solution embedded in MSI gaming computers
and motherboards since 2015.

We created a solution to offer a spatialized sound in 7.1 on stereo headset
(USB and analog output).

Thanks to our fine-tuning expertise and our HRTF filters, we customized our treatments to adapt
them to each headset characteristic, and thus make the experience as accurate and realistic as

Thanks to the head-tracking from virtual reality equipment, we had to rethink our solutions for VR

We designed a simple solution that automatically activated the effects when HDMI is detected.

Our technology is one of the first to provide a completely spatial sound that allows the user to dive deeper into the heart of his experience.