Designed to rediscover the clarity of genuine sound, our binaural and transaural solutions reposition the sound in the 3D space, enveloping the listener.

  • Sound virtualization : Our sound engine recreates hundreds of audio sources around the listener in real time. This technology acts like 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 surround sound systems, and allows the recreation of a “full 3D” audio experience. Our HRTF filters virtualize the sound on whatever type of speaker setup, be it a stereo system or surround sound.


  • Upmix : Our upmix algorithm spatializes stereo or surround-sound content and transforms them into 5.1 surround sound or full 3D content respectively, thereby allowing the rediscovery of the sound’s original clarity thanks to its multi-channel panning and basic mixing.


  • Personalized HRTF filters : Our personalized HRTF solutions (head-related transfer function) lend themselves to a more enjoyable listening experience that is more adapted to its listener.


By creating a sonar zone, our directional speaker is delivering the right message to the right listener in the right location all at once, and all of this whilst preserving the silence outside of this specific convergence of sound. This speaker thereby proves itself to be useful not only in one-on-one communication with a single user but also as a perfect public adress tool, making it ideal for onsite advertising, museums, conferences, or broadcasting systems in places of public transport like train stations and airports.

Our technology creates a sound beam thanks to the combination of two principles: non-linear acoustics and parametric loudspeakers. The non-linear acoustics lift the ultrasonic masking, transforming ultrasounds [40-80kHz] into audible sound [20-20,000Hz] and only deliver the audio that is supposed to be transmitted.