Today, the video game market sometimes surpasses cinemain terms of budget and innovation, and Audio plays an important part in the gamer’s user experience.

We have therefore oriented our know-how to design intelligent and simple-to-use solutions that put the player in the heart of the game’s sound stage and beyond; We offer tools specifically designed for the gaming and streaming.


A-Volute is an engineering company specialized in mid-ware, and among the team are many gamers who have developed an audio solution by and for them. But their expertise is also accompanied by the experience of professional gamers who have allowed them to dream up new innovative tools for better performance and immersion in video games.



The Soundtracker is an exclusive A-Volute technology that allows players to “view” the sounds of the game on the screen, and detect threats. Combined with the A-Volute Virtual Surround, this feature becomes the ultimate tool to give the player a strategic advantage in first-person shooter games.

Concretely a radar is displayed on the game and indicates in real time the direction of the strongest sound. So with this module, the player can use both their eyes (with the radar) and their own hearing to position the threat perfectly.


Because gamers sometimes like to share their passion for gaming, their impressions, and their way of playing with their fans and community, A-Volute has taken this need into account and, starting with its second generation, has incorporated an “HD Recorder” module that contains the following 2 elements:


With Nahimic, the streamers have the best of the best in terms of communication systems at their disposal. “Talk is silver” and with this module everyone in their community will hear that distinctly without any external disturbance coming to spoil their dream cession. And for the cherry on top, the module is fully compatible with the most popular broadcasting / streaming sites like XSplit and OBS.



To animate their session and bring more punch, there is no need to clutter or spend extra money on a synth beat box, Nahimic has a module that allows you to broadcast up to 18 different sounds, which you can easily modify and import your own samples. To play them, just use the hot keys and your sessions will suddenly  gain more followers!!



More than a phenomenon or a trend, the future of Media has a name and that is  “Virtual Reality”. And from the start, A-Volute invested itself fully and was among the first IT companies to offer a 3D Audio solution to VR. Its partner MSI, immediately integrated it into its VR machines, and was able to respond quickly to this market demand. Finally, complete immersion! The user has not only an incredible VR experience of the visual but also with the 360 ​​° sound that plunges them suddenly into an immersive world. A-Volute went even further to create ultimate simplicity: the VR audio module is activated automatically by plugging in the HDMI jack.