Increased attention of fighter pilots with spatial sound


ALICIA Project


Increased helicopter pilot attention with spatial sound

  • ALICIA is a research and development project co-funded by European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. ALICIA aims at developing new and scalable cockpit applications which can extend aircraft operations in degraded conditions : All Conditions Operations.
  • ALICIA addresses the ACARE objective of increasing time efficiency within the future air transport system. A key objective is to deliver extensible applications that can be applied to many aircraft types. This entails a new cockpit infrastructure capable of delivering enhanced situation awareness to the crew whilst simultaneously reducing crew workload and improving overall aircraft safety.


  • Selected as one of the most relevant technologies by the European commissioners responsible for evaluating the program, our 3D Audio technology enables the addition of directional information to an audio message and improves the segregation of several concurent audio events by exploiting the sound localisation and spatial discrimination capabilities of the human auditory system. Centered around two applications : 3D Alarm for collision avoidance and multichannel communication, the system created by A-Volute has been integrated into the helicopter cockpit simulator.

BILI Project


Head equipped with microphones for binaural recording


Individual binaural listening solutions


Binaural Recording

The BiLi project aims to provide solutions for individualized binaural listening on a national level by using a network of research labs, SMBs, and media transmitters (A-Volute, France Télévisions, Radio France, Orange). The principle components of the project are how the quality of the experience offered by the binaural listening is evaluated, research and development of individualization solutions that eliminate the use of an anechoic room that require cumbersome measures, and defining an exchange format for binaural data that could lead to a standardization on an international level.

A-Volute participates in this project in the area of research and development of individualization solutions for binaural listening, as a mean to achieve HRTF filters from visual information such as photos, videos, and 3D scans. The main idea is to use this information to extract the most pertinent attributes, used to form a general model of the ear auricle and to adapt it to the individual. This involves mapping individuals for acoustic numerical calculations.