A-Volute was founded by Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht in 2004 on this ascertainment: the audio world was moving slowly since stereo was invented, whereas the visualization technologies were moving forward fast with LED, OLED, HD, UHD, 3D, or Tactile technologies. A-Volute’s objective was to bring innovation to the audio world.

A-Volute first patented innovation was a multi-speaker headphone for 3D sound. Then, A-Volute developed one of the first full 3D audio engines, able to virtualize hundreds of audio sources in 360 degrees and overhead. A-Volute combined the best of psychoacoustics, audio signal processing and audio driver development to provide the most precise 3D audio engine as a pure software solution.

A-Volute developed a full range of audio effects and features dedicated to gamers, such as the Sound tracker or the HD recorder. A-Volute’s R&D team also focused on the ergonomics and user-friendliness to ensure the best and least cumbersome user experience.


 In March 2015, in a partnership with the world’s leading Gaming brand MSI, we launched Nahimic audio software dedicated to gamers. 

Today, A-Volute employs 50 people. Three different teams are based in France (R&D), Taiwan (Sales and customer support) and Singapore (Development and Test).

A-Volute Timeline 

Two talented engineers from the top french engineering school founded A-Volute

Tuyen Pham (CEO) and Ambroise Recht (CTO) developed a  cutting edge 3D sound technology based on a multispeaker headset. The project was called N Array Headphone Integrating MICrophone. NAHIMIC was born !

Thales Avionics, worlwide leader in military aircraft avionics systems, tested Nahimic

Nahimic was evaluated for an integration of 3D sound alarms in fighters’ aircraft simulators. It has been shown that 3D Sound diminishes the reaction time of a pilot to incoming threats by half.

French Ministry of Defense adopted Nahimic 3D sound recording system

The system is used to capture the sound on battlefields and to play it back to generals and specialists in a meeting room in order to hear the newly developed weapons. The recording systems is composed of an Ambisonic microphone and a playback system which was powered by complex Nahimic algorithms.

From military to civilian airplanes

Nahimic has been integrated by civilian airplanes in the Alicia project ( defining the future of helicopters and european aircrafts. In Alicia, Nahimic technology was used to bring awareness to the pilot using precise 3D sound alarms to avoid collisions.

The first consumer electronic deal

The technology caught the attention of fast growing PC Peripheral manufacturers. The success of Nahimic was huge and the young company managed to normalize its Virtual surround technology.

2 million products with Nahimic inside !

10 years after founding the company Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht spread their original technology into a large number of PC products bringing premium audio quality back to the ear of millions of users.

Launching Nahimic Brand

Nahimic announced the launch of its audio solution designed for the MSI Gaming Series, and first participation with them at CES Las Vegas in their booth.

With the growth of the VR market

Nahimic integrated a module of automatic recognition of VR peripherals in the 2017 version that allows to the players a complete immersion in 360 ° for Video AND Sound. New successfull fundraising to finance its goal to strengthen its presence in Asia and the USA.



A-Volute relies on its own expertise and technology to deliver a sound that is natural, immersive, and high-quality in gaming and multimedia. At the heart of A-Volute is a certain know-how that created the 3D sound technology found in Nahimic which recreates all of the depth and spatiality of sound on a classic, stereo sound system. A-Volute’s expertise in acoustics and audio software development allow them to develop products that are unique and at the height of innovation. At the same time, the company continues to design new features and push the boundaries of sound.




Tuyen Pham

President and co-founder of A-Volute

Tuyen Pham graduated from l’Ecole Centrale de Lille. It was during his time at school that the Nahimic technology was originally developed.

Since its creation in 2004, Pham has been the head of A-Volute, a company specialized in 3D audio innovation. An expert in audio technology, technology sales and licensing, and the consumer electronics market, he developed his company and made numerous partnerships in the industrial market on par with the biggest global electronic brands. He continues to be at the heart of the company’s expansion.


Ambroise Recht

Co-founder of A-Volute

Ambroise Recht graduated from l’Ecole Centrale de Lille. In the same year as Pham, they worked together on a student project that would become the base for the Nahimic technology.

Working within different IT companies, Recht specialized himself in software engineering. He acquired truly strong work experience in developing and management of IT projects.

Today, Ambroise Recht is the co-founder of A-Volute. Through his position as chief technical officer, Recht mainly participates in A-Volute’s technology development and business management.


  • 2017 – MSI Leading Gaming Partner Award for Nahimic
  • 2017 – National title “Champion de la Croissance 2017” par Les Echos et Statista
  • 2016 – EMEA title “Technology Fast 500” par Deloitte
  • 2015 – National title “RMC PME Bougeons-nous” dans la catégorie Innovation
  • 2015 – MSI Leading Gaming Partner Award for Nahimic
  • 2015 – IE Club / Oséo – ITech Leader “ Achieve global success“ Award
  • 2009 – UBIFrance – gagnant de la French Tech Tour
  • 2004/2005 – Masters Award given by the french Prime Minister and President of Senat
  • 2003/2004 – Prizewinner of France’s national grant competition for innovative businesses, awarded by the french Ministry of Research and new Technologies
  • 2003 – BMW Foundation for innovation – 1er Prix
  • 2003 – Elf-Edhec-Entreprendre – 3eme Prix